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Territorial Innovation in the field of e-health

The overall objective of the Unit in the field of innovation in health domain is the production of prototypes of innovative ICT systems for e-health, targeted at the support of integrated management of chronic patients between the various actors involved in the different stages of the care process: general practitioners, specialists, caregiver community and patients themselves. Such systems are aimed at supporting the management of an effective and efficient care process based on the best available medical evidence, which maintains the citizen at the center of the system. In this regard, citizens/patients are  active players in the maintenance of their health/disease condition within a patient empowerment-based framework, through a variety of ICT tools and services for self- and remote monitoring by health professionals.

The Unit of applied research has developed the tools and skills to deal with the whole chain of innovation in the e-health domain: requirements analysis, design, prototyping, test in laboratory and in "living labs", evaluation and validation.

In the same context, the Unit can offer the platform TreC and the products and services implemented by the platform (e.g., remote monitoring services based on mobile devices) for projects aimed at creating infrastructures to implement models of integrated management of chronic patients, as well as expertise to enable interoperability between TREC and clinical information systems (hospital and territorial information systems, vertical patient records, etc.).