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Co-Care Diab - COndividere il CArico di REsponsabilità nella gestione del Diabete

COndividere il CArico di REsponsabilità nella gestione del Diabete di tipo 1
Sharing the burden in diabetes Type 1 Management

Co-Care Diab project aims at investigating the effetcs of type 1 diabetes onset on family life, with particular regard to the sharing of care responsibilities among family members.
Type-1 diabetes is a metabolic disorder characterized by an instability of glycaemia in the blood caused by the destruction of the pancreatic cells. It causes a deficit of insulin which must be corrected by injecting synthetic insulin into the organism several times a day. Seldom referred to as “juvenile diabetes”, it often affects patients since their childhood.
The diagnosis requires to begin a learning process which will persist for the rest of their lives. The disease is managed by paying scrupulous attention to the production and management of health information, food intake, physical activity, not to mention the constant care needed to catch early signs of hyper/hypoglycemia.
Before patients become autonomous, diabetes management is largely a parents’ responsibility. The onset of diabetes obliges family members to recast their lives in their entirety. The onset of a chronic disease is a traumatic event in the history of a family which generally requires significant adaptation of daily activities and often affects critically working activities.Co-Care Diab investigates how parent share the burden of care, reproducing or challenging the traditional division of roles among mothers and fathers.
The project will be carried out in collaboration with APSS (Provincial Healthcare Authority) -Dept. of Pediatrics- and ADGT (Associazione Diabete Giovanile del Trentino). It aims both at analyzing the effects of the sharing of care burden in the family network and to provide tool to promote its fair sharing.

Thursday, 1 January, 2015 to Thursday, 31 December, 2015
12 Months

U.O. Pediatria, Ospedale S. Chiara - APSS

Associazione Diabete Giovanile del Trentino - ADGT

PAT- Assessorato Pari Opportunità