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The creation of the Mexican FIWARE Node as part of the FIWARE infrastructure is the result of successful negotiations between Mexico (represented by CONACYT, INFOTEC and Tecnológico de Monterrey) and the European Commission DG CONNECT. The project envisons starting from already established collaborations to define new opportunities in future application domains (i.e. smart health, smart cities).

This is a prospective testing-validation, interventional, non-pharmacological study on a new app for home management of oral therapies for cancer treatment.

NYMPHA project focuses on the implementation of a Pre-Commercial Procurement of mobile ehealth services for supporting physicians and patients in the treatment of bipolar disorder through continuous patients monitoring in order to dynamically support illness management and potentially identify early deviations in mood and attitudes suggesting the onset of a crisis.

Il progetto “Impronte” va a collocarsi nell’ambito di una serie di iniziative promosse dalla Fondazione Bruno Kessler in collaborazione con il Centro di Competenza TrentinoSalute4.0 dell’Assessorato alla Salute e Solidarietà Sociale della Provincia di Trento, volte alla promozione della salute e di stili di vita sani, e mira, nello specifico, ad incoraggiare l’invecchiamento attivo attraverso il geocaching, un’attività basata sul movimento all’aria aperta e sull’utilizzo di tecnologie ICT.

L'iniziativa ha lo scopo di validare sul campo la fattibilità ed efficacia della piattaforma TreC-LifeStyle come intervento di supporto alla gestione e prevenzione di 1° livello di sovrappeso e obesità infantile in ambito pediatrico.

Anti-SUPERBugs PCP will define and launch a pre-commercial procurement (PCP) to challenge the industry to develop a smart ICT solutions able to detect the presence of resistant microorganisms, give real-time feedback to the user and at the same time share the information with the healthcare provider electronic record systems linking the infection with the place of the detection.

SmartSDK aims at creating a sustainable FIWARE ecosystem between Europe and Mexico by leveraging on existing FIWARE outcomes and building reference standards for common challenges. To fulfil this goal, SmartSDK will analyse successful FIWARE applications deployed in Europe and derive from these applications a set of FIWARE-based reference service architectures and reference data models to support the agile development of smart solutions for sustainability challenges of today world.

The Trentino Reference Site initiative is part of the participation in the EIP on AHA intending to empower the regional innovation strategy in terms of extending existing actions and best practices and setting up new ones towards exploiting innovative health and wellbeing services for the elderly in the region.

The objective of WeReha is to provide post-stroke patients with a rehabilitation solution, which can be easily used to execute personalised plans of care in their own home environment. Home rehabilitation solutions have a great potential in supporting both short-term and long-term performance of plans of care for motor-cognitive rehabilitation in a highly engaging environment thus allowing patient’s empowerment, increased motivation, compliance with therapy and quality of life. This is particularly important for post-stroke patients, typically affected by mobility problems (sometimes associated to depression states) which make more complicated and demanding their transfer to clinics to attend rehabilitation programs.

Il progetto Key to Health si iscrive alla Workplace Health Promotion (WHP), intesa come un'area d'intervento mirata a promuovere stili di vita sani sui luoghi di lavoro e, in seconda battuta, ad integrare l'azione del Sistema Sanitario Nazionale sul fronte della prevenzione primaria. Key to Health è un progetto di intervento sperimentale mirato a prevenire l'insorgere di malattie croniche assai diffuse quali le patologie cardiovascolari e il diabete di Tipo 2, agendo in particolare sull'alimentazione e l'attività fisica.