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Monday, 16 December, 2013

Enrico Maria PirasFrancesco Miele and Claudio Coletta (UNITN) will convene a Track at the upcoming "5th STS Italia Conference" -A matter of design. Making society through science and technology-

"Designing and re-designing health management outside institutional boundaries: enacting care practices, spaces and technologies in the wild"

Health management is now redistributed in dispersed networks that cross the boundaries of health institution and extend to the private spaces of the home and the work environment, while miniaturized health technologies are carried around as portable devices or even implanted in the flesh and remotely controlled and monitored. Within these networks the traditional health professional’s predominance is giving way to polycentric forms of technology-mediated agencies and practices that have led to speak of new form of patienthood, as the ‘so-called’ Patient 2.0.

This shift from within institutional boundaries to the outside calls for a renewed attention to the mundane arrangements needed to perform new forms of patienthood and the situated actions of people engaging with health conditions. These actions are often deemed of little importance and invisible in the twofold meaning of being enacted in private spaces and excluded from rationalized models of work. Yet, they significantly contribute to transform the practical dimension of care. This track aims at exploring these issues attracting scholars to discuss the processes of design, use and re-configuration brought about by managing illness outside health institutions.

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