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Citizens living in the Trentino Region can learn about and experience first hand the smart, namely innovative and user-friendly services and initiatives, of the city of Trento.


FBK, the Arctic University of Norway and UNITN will organize the 5th international workshop on Infrastructure for Healthcare.

The theme for this edition is "Patient-centered care and patient-generated data".

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FBK, UNITN and Scuolamgtn will organize: Gestire la salute fuori dagli ospedali: Reti, spazi e pratiche di cura (20 March 2015).
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In May 2014 PAT wins the  “ICT Innovation Award in Healthcare” by the Polytechnic University of Milan.


Supporting innovative models of telemedicine and patient empowerment.


FBK and UNITN will organize the Second international workshop on “Personal Health Records and patient-oriented infrastructures” (19-20 June 2014). For information and call for papers visit


Enrico Maria PirasFrancesco Miele and Claudio Coletta (UNITN) will convene a Track at the upcoming "5th STS Italia Conference" -A matter of design. Making society through science and technology-

"Designing and re-designing health management outside institutional boundaries: enacting care practices, spaces and technologies in the wild"


From December 2013 TreC platform has been included into the Italian national list of reusable programs.

Café Scientifique: "Sei un Paziente 2.0?"
Join us to discuss new forms of technology assisted patienthood.
Enrico Maria Piras (FBK), Alberto Zanutto (UNITN), Ettore Turra (APSS)

From August 2012 TreC is one of the services of our Provincial Health Care System.